Why give?

Because our kids deserve the best!

We have taken the faith step of renting a 2nd Cinema Room so we can have a fantastic church service for kids of all ages. This is the only option available to us to give our kids their own "home" on a Sunday and to help families connect with the church.


This extra cost is beyond our current budget, but it is essential to have! We are therefore raising a special offering just for this. Would you give towards this?


Having this room will allow our kids to learn about Jesus through songs, dance, drama, Bible teaching, games, fun, multimedia and more! It will also allow us to pray for and minister to our kids so they can have a genuine God-encounter. It also gives us dedicated space for parents and babies, with space to crawl and play and facilities to listen to the preached message.

We need to INVEST into our kids and give them the best opportunity possible to know Jesus, His teaching and ways!

Our aim is to raise at least 10,000€, which is one year's rent. We can then fully focus on building Kids Church knowing that this facility is secured for at least the next year.


Would you please give generously towards this with us?


Thank you so much - it will make a lasting difference!!

Ways to give can be found below.

Ways to give

Bank Transfer

IBAN:  DE92 7115 0000 0500 1966 05

Mark as being for "Kids Ministry"




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